Last Updated: 4/6/01

MacShak is a Macintosh support group that offers end-user solutions
for your needs that arise.


       Our focus is Macintosh. Just Macintosh. Think MacShak!


Our full-service end-user approach, extensive knowledge of the Macintosh technology and experienced staff allows us to respond to your special needs and requirements promptly.

MacShak offers flexible premier support to suite your needs. You choose between
Contract, Reduced Incident Support, or Email Support.

Contract Support

Contract support is billed at $75.00 per hour within Orange County. Travel time is added for those sites outside of the Central Orange County area. This rate also covers phone support after the first 5 minutes of consultation.


Reduced Incident Support

Reduced Incident Support is a discount program for those who may need support on a regular basis. Clients are billed $200.00 per month, and have a reduced support rate of $45.00 per hour.


Email Support

Email Support allows you to gain support if you're a Guru-in-training, or just want to fix it yourself but are stuck on a particular issue. Email Support is billed at $25.00 per email.


For more information, call or write
(714) 995-3050 or email us at